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World Map of Cider Update – July 2013

There were 33 new entries on The World Map of Cider for July, pushing the total number of mapped locations to 1,068 in all. Many of this month’s entries are members of CIDREF and part of the AOP Cornouaille region in Brittany.

Can’t find what you’re looking for on the map? Leave a comment below or email map [at] ciderguide [dot] com with details.

Le Marché des Saveurs du Québec — Montreal, Québec
Verger Biologique Maniadakis — Franklin Centre, Québec

Au Pressoir du Bélon — Riec-sur-Bélon, Finistère, Brittany
Calvados Roger Groult — Saint-Cyr du Ronceray, Calvados, Normandy
Cidre de Keranterec — La Forêt Fouesnant, Finistère, Brittany
Cidre de Roz a Vern — Telgruc-sur-Mer, Finistère, Brittany
Cidre le Brun — Plovan, Finistère, Brittany
Cidrerie Claude Thomas — La Forêt Fouesnant, Finistère, Brittany
Cidrerie de Menez Brug — Fouesnant, Finistère, Brittany
Cidrerie de Pontérec — La Forêt Fouesnant, Finistère, Brittany
Cidrerie du Pays des Avens — Névez, Finistère, Brittany
Cidrerie Manoir du Kinkiz — Quimper, Finistère, Brittany
Cidrerie Melenig — Elliant, Finistère, Brittany
Cidrerie Paul Coïc — Plonéis, Finistère, Brittany
Distillerie Artisanale du Plessis — Quimper, Finistère, Brittany
Distillerie du Gorvello — Sulniac, Morbihan, Brittany
Distillerie Warenghem — Lannion, Côtes-d’Armor, Brittany
Les Vergers de Kermao — Gouesnac’h, Finistère, Brittany
Pacory — Mantilly, Orne, Lower Normandy

Fichtekränzi — Frankfurt, Hesse

Sidra Solleiro — Taramundi, Eo-Navia, Asturias
Sidra Tomás — Villaviciosa, Gijón, Asturias

United Kingdom
The Old No 7 — Barnsley, South Yorkshire, England

United States
Atlas Cider Company — Bend, Oregon
Cider Riot — Portland, Oregon
Crown Valley Brewing & Distilling — St. Genevieve, Missouri
Honey Moon Mead — Bellingham, Washington
McMenamins — Troutdale, Oregon
Murray’s Cheese — New York, New York
Saint Paul Mountain Vineyards — Hendersonville, North Carolina
Stowe Cider — Stowe, Vermont
The Orchard at Altapass — Spruce Pine, North Carolina
Woodside Orchards — Aquebogue, New York

World Map of Cider Update – June 18, 2013

Lots of recent activity on The World Map of Cider, pushing the total number of entries well beyond the one-thousand mark. Seems like each day brings news of another American cider producer going commercial, particularly from Cascadia (Pacific Northwest). And there are a number of operations just below the radar, still searching for funding and/or a production facility…but already building some buzz via social media.

Can’t find what you’re looking for on the map? Leave a comment below or email map [at] ciderguide [dot] com with details.

Hansbauer — Haag, Lower Austria
Obstbau Baumschule Boden — Mettersdorf am Saßbach, Styria
Zur Steinernen Birne — Sankt Peter in der Au, Lower Austria

Quebrada del Chucao — Huiscapi, Araucanía

Ecomusée de la Pomme et du Cidre — Bretteville-du-Grand-Caux, Upper Normandy
Les Celliers Associés — Pleudihen-sur-Rance, Brittany

Apfelweinfestival — Frankfurt
BeLaMi Bergedorf — Hamburg
Frau Rauscher — Berlin
Gasthaus Rudolph — Liederbach am Taunus, Hesse
Homburger Hof — Frankfurt
Kelterei Heil — Laubus-Eschbach, Hesse

Mashino Winery — Matsukawa, Shimoina, Nagano

United Kingdom
Delvin End Cidery — Sible Hedingham, Essex, England
Ealing Beer Festival — Ealing, Greater London, England
Little Weeke Cyder Company — Chagford, Devon, England
The Fleece Inn — Bretforton, Worcestershire, England
The Grape & Grain — Crystal Palace, London, England
The Sussex Arms — Twickenham, Greater London, England
Wessex Cider — Salisbury, Wiltshire, England
Woodredding Farm Cider — Ross-on-Wye, Herefordshire, England

United States
7 Monks Taproom — Traverse City, Michigan
Blake Farms — Armada, Michigan
Bowers Harbor Vineyard — Traverse City, Michigan
Commonwealth Ciders — Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Everett Orchards — Plattsburgh, New York
Hood Valley Hard Cider
— Parkdale, Oregon
Mela Frizzante — Chelan, Washington
Santa Fe Hard Cider — Santa Fe, New Mexico
Scrumpy’s — Fort Collins, Colorado
Seattle Cider Company — Seattle, Washington
State Line Liquors — Elkton, Maryland
The Gorge White House — Hood River, Oregon
Twilight Cider Works — Mead, Washington
Windy Hill Apple Farm — Newark, Ohio

New Cider Books and Apple Books

There’s an exciting crop of new books about cider and apples set for release later this year. I’m confident that every single one belongs on your bookshelf, and I hope that you’ll join me in pre-ordering copies today! Here they are, ordered by their scheduled release date.

Cider Hard and Sweet

Cider, Hard and Sweet (3rd Edition)
Ben Watson
Countryman Press – September 2, 2013

For many North American readers, the first and second editions of Cider, Hard and Sweet have served as excellent points of entry into the world of cider…and there’s no reason to believe that this third edition will disappoint! Ben Watson has done a fantastic job of blending information about the history and culture of cider, the essentials of producing cider at home, and the basics of tasting and evaluating cider. Ben is a prime mover behind the CiderDays festival in Massachusetts, is a frequent GLINTCAP judge and entrant, and has helped bring the Burford and Jolicoeur books below to fruition through his talents as an editor. Cheers to Ben for updating this classic book for a new generation of cider enthusiasts!


Apples of North America

Apples of North America
Tom Burford
Timber Press – September 24, 2013

Tom Burford—affectionately known as Professor Apple—has spent his life immersed in the world of apples like few others. From his time as a nurseryman at Burford Brothers to his work restoring Thomas Jefferson‘s orchards at Monticello, Tom has undoubtedly forgotten more about apples than most of us will ever know! This book has been years in the making and I’m excited for it to finally see publication. Unbeknownst to many, Tom has been a major force behind the growth of craft cider in Virginia, sharing his vast expertise about cider variety apples as an orchard consultant. (See this article and his profile at Albemarle CiderWorks for proof.)

Ben Watson has confirmed that Tom will be speaking at CiderDays this year, which is reason enough to block off the first weekend in November for a trip to Western Massachusetts! My most lasting memories from CiderDays 2011 are of Burford offering organic orcharding advice alongside Michael Phillips on a chilly Saturday morning and then, later in the weekend, playfully matching his favorite Southern apples in an audience tasting versus the Northern apples chosen by John Bunker (of Fedco Trees).

If you absolutely can’t wait for Apples of North America to be published, Burford’s self-published Apples: A Catalog of International Varieties can be purchased through the Vintage Virginia Apples catalog.


New Cider Makers Handbook

The New Cider Maker’s Handbook
Claude Jolicoeur
Chelsea Green – October 1, 2013

While I plan to read all of the books in this post, the one I am most looking forward to is Claude Jolicoeur‘s. Claude is a frequent speaker at CiderDays and a regular contributor to the Cider Workshop group, often providing answers on technical issues that few others in the world could discuss with authority. (For an example, see this recent thread on ebulliometers.) But to portray Claude as merely an ivory tower cider theorist would be unfair—he won a Best of Show at GLINTCAP in 2008 and has earned medals in 2007 and 2011-2013 for his ciders and ice ciders.

I envision The New Cider Maker’s Handbook as an ideal reference work for those who have relied upon Andrew Lea‘s Craft Cider Making but crave more information on small-scale cider production from a North American perspective. With the eruption of upstart cider producers across the US, Canada, and even Mexico, this book should help raise the bar on cider quality for thirsty craft cider drinkers. You can learn more about Claude and pre-order the book via his author’s page at Chelsea Green.


Worlds Best Ciders     Worlds Best Cider

World’s Best Ciders / World’s Best Cider
Preorder: (US Version) / (UK Version)
Pete Brown and Bill Bradshaw
US: Sterling Epicure – October 1, 2013
UK: Jacqui Small – October 17, 2013

Pete Brown is a well-known beer writer in the UK but is largely unknown in the US. When Old Time Cider broke the news that Brown and Bradshaw were collaborating on World’s Best Ciders, I quickly ordered a UK copy of Hops and Glory to see if I enjoyed Brown’s writing style, which has earned favorable comparisons to Bill Bryson. In Hops and Glory, Brown bounces back and forth between telling the history of India Pale Ale (with some original research, mind you) and sharing his misadventures while accompanying a cask of IPA on an historical recreation of its journey from London to East India. Hops and Glory was an amusing but exhausting read.

Brown has revealed that World’s Best Ciders will not be a narrative-led adventure like his earlier books: Man Walks into a Pub, Three Sheets to the Wind, and Hops and Glory. All three titles were recently published in the US, and his most recent book—Shakespeare’s Local—is available in the US with the title Shakespeare’s Pub. Cider drinkers across the globe (myself included) are anxiously awaiting the first book with a truly worldwide perspective on cider! For more news from Pete on beer, cider, and more, follow his blog or follow him on Twitter.

Bill Bradshaw is a Somerset-based photographer who is a champion of all things cider. His blog IAMCIDER gives some hints as to the quality of the photography one expects to find in World’s Best Ciders. Bill can also be found sharing his thoughts and images on Twitter and Instagram.


Uncommon Apples (Crop)

Uncommon Apples (working title)
Rowan Jacobsen
Bloomsbury – 2014

This book by Rowan Jacobsen is not scheduled for publication this year, but I’ve enjoyed his previous books American Terroir and Fruitless Fall so much that I wanted to put this one on everyone’s radar. Jacobsen refers to his book project as The Apple Bestiary, summarizing it by saying that the book will profile 120 varieties of apples and will feature the photography of Clare Barboza. If his recent profile of John Bunker in Mother Jones is any indication, this should be a fantastic read!

Disclaimer: I receive a small commission from Amazon (in the US) and Powell’s for any items purchased via their links. Thanks for supporting Cider Guide!

National Homebrew Competition – Cider Awards

The American Homebrewers Association recently posted the First Round winners from this year’s National Homebrew Competition. The NHC began in 1979 with a mere 34 entries and has grown steadily since then, with an unofficial count of 7,775 entries in 2013. Although the competition is geared toward grain-based beverages, the NHC has awarded a Meadmaker of the Year since 1981 and a Cidermaker of the Year since 1992. These awards are presented to the creators of the best-of-show mead and the best-of-show cider during the National Homebrewers Conference, held this year in Philadelphia from June 27-29.

The reigning Cidermaker of the Year, Roger Kee, has two entries that have advanced to the Final Round this year. and four-time Cidermaker of the Year winner Jeff Carlson (’00, ’01, ’08, ’09) also has two entries advancing. Other former Cidermaker of the Year winners with entries advancing include Byron Burrier (’03), John Jurgensen (’06), Edward Walkowski (’11), and Anjie Watts (’10) as a collaborator. Curiously, a number of former Meadmaker of the Year winners have entries advancing in cider categories as well, including Curt & Kathy Stock (’05), Steve Fletty (’07), and Rodney Kibzey (’10).

Of the 199 cider entries this year, 66 have advanced to the Final Round. Here’s a breakdown of the advancing entries by BJCP style:

27A Common Cider – 24
27B English Cider – 5
27C French Cider – 1
27D Common Perry – 3
27E Traditional Perry – 0
28A New England Cider – 5
28B Fruit Cider – 11
28C Applewine – 4
28D Specialty Cider or Perry – 13

And here’s a full list of cider results broken down by judging center:

Seattle – Standard Cider and Perry
1st – Tavish Sullivan of Bothell, WA with Laura Sullivan – 27A
2nd – Roger Kee of Everett, WA – 27A
3rd – Melissa Allison of Oak Harbor, WA with Jeremy Allison – 27A

Seattle – Specialty Cider and Perry
1st – David Pucci of Oak Harbor, WA – 28A
2nd – Roger Kee of Everett, WA – 28D
3rd – Marc Hayden of Sherwood, OR – 28A

Pleasanton – Standard Cider and Perry
1st – Joshua Mann of Nipomo, CA – 27B
2nd – Joshua Mann of Nipomo, CA – 27A
3rd – David Louw of San Luis Obispo, CA – 27A

Pleasanton – Specialty Cider and Perry
1st – John Boro of Encinitas, CA with Dave Fox – 28B
2nd – Larry Stein of San Diego, CA – 28C
3rd – Larry Stein of San Diego, CA – 28D

San Diego – Standard Cider and Perry
1st – Brian Trout of San Diego, CA – 27A
2nd – Jason Conrado of San Diego, CA – 27A
3rd – Jenny DuRose of San Diego, CA with Eric DuRose – 27A

San Diego – Specialty Cider and Perry
1st – Christian Banker of Encinitas, CA – 28D
2nd – Brian Trout of San Diego, CA – 28D
3rd – Jess Sullivan of Descanso, CA – 28C

Denver – Standard Cider and Perry
1st – Mark Tanner of Oak Harbor, WA – 27D
2nd – Dennis Talley of Las Cruces, NM with Misha Hasan – 27A
3rd – Don Blake of Erie, CO – 27A

Denver – Specialty Cider and Perry
1st – David Allan of Las Cruces, NM – 28D
2nd – Andrew Mitchell of Fort Collins, CO – 28D
3rd – Mark Tanner of Oak Harbor, WA – 28B

Tulsa – Standard Cider and Perry
1st – Fred Mason of Pittsburgh, PA – 27B
2nd – Michael Wilcox of Wichita, KS  27A
3rd – Jay McEvers of Round Rock, TX – 27A

Tulsa – Specialty Cider and Perry
1st – Michael Wilcox of Wichita, KS – 28D
2nd – John Jurgensen of Alvin, TX – 27A
3rd – Chuck Lutz of Walden, NY – 28A

Kansas City – Standard Cider and Perry
1st – Jovilin Grunewald of Oak Harbor, WA with Mark Tanner – 27A
2nd – Mark Schoppe of Austin, TX – 27D
3rd – Doug Reed of Highlands Ranch, CO – 27B

Kansas City – Specialty Cider and Perry
1st – Michael Hill of Lenexa, KS – 28B
2nd – Edward Walkowski of North Abington Twp., PA – 28B
3rd – Bob Mac Kay of Carlsbad, CA – 28D

Saint Paul – Standard Cider and Perry
1st – Curt Stock of Saint Paul, MN with Kathy Stock – 27A
2nd – Will Bond of Saint Paul, MN with Bill Bond – 27A
3rd – Steve Fletty of Falcon Heights, MN – 27A

Saint Paul – Specialty Cider and Perry
1st – Steve Fletty of Falcon Heights, MN – 28B
2nd – Curt Stock of Saint Paul, MN with Kathy Stock – 28B
3rd – Brett Glenna of Lakeville, MN – 28B

Milwaukee – Standard Cider and Perry
1st – Byron Burrier of Neenah, WI with Steve Olson, & Steve Mattheeussen – 27A
2nd – Rodney Kibzey of Lombard, IL – 27A
3rd – Rodney Kibzey of Lombard, IL – 27D

Milwaukee – Specialty Cider and Perry
1st – Rodney Kibzey of Lombard, IL – 28B
2nd – Roberto Bob Rodriguez of Lake Ronkonkoma, NY – 28D
3rd – Byron Burrier of Neenah, WI with Keith Akstulewicz, Steve Olson, & Steve Mattheeussen – 28D

Atlanta – Standard Cider and Perry
1st – Josanna Dixon of Burlington, KY – 27B
2nd – Les Wright of Cumming, GA with Anjie Watts – 27C
3rd – Josanna Dixon of Burlington, KY – 27A

Atlanta – Specialty Cider and Perry
1st – Dan Schreffler of Dunmore, PA – 28D
2nd – Josanna Dixon of Burlington, KY – 28B
3rd – Jason Trafton of Strafford, NH with Jennifer Trafton – 28A

Zanesville – Standard Cider and Perry
1st – Bob Barrett of Ann Arbor, MI – 27A
2nd – Weston Sampson of Lexington, KY – 27A
3rd – Jeff Carlson of Grand Rapids, MI – 27A

Zanesville – Specialty Cider and Perry
1st – Jason Bryant of Reston, VA – 28C
2nd – Travis Hammond of Poway, CA – 28D
3rd – Jeff Carlson of Grand Rapids, MI – 28A

New York City – Standard Cider and Perry
1st – Hayley Jensen of New York, NY with Stephen Durley – 27B
2nd – Stephen Mayo of Derry, NH – 27A
3rd – David Barone of Sewell, NJ – 27A

New York City – Specialty Cider and Perry
1st – Peter Cowles of Fairfield, CT – 28B
2nd – Donald Boyle of Colonia, NJ with Stephen Boyle – 28D
3rd – Ed Ramshaw of Concord, NH – 28B

GLINTCAP 2013 Unofficial Results

I was privileged to be chosen as the registrar for this year’s Great Lakes International Cider & Perry Competition (GLINTCAP) and am pleased to share this year’s unofficial results with the cider community. The event continues to grow by leaps and bounds, with 441 total entries in 2013, a 47% increase over 2012. GLINTCAP is truly becoming an international competition with more entries, judges, and stewards hailing from outside the United States each year.

Many thanks to all who participated and hearty congratulations to all medalists! This PDF slideshow is the same that was shown at Sunday night’s awards presentation with a few minor formatting changes.

GLINTCAP 2013 Slideshow

And here’s a brief summary of the results.

Noncommercial Division
141 Entries, 93 Medals Awarded
Best of Show:
Andrew Laidlaw of Illinois for Batch M14 – ST
Honorable Mention:
Jay Bradish of North Carolina for Lucky Creek Bourbon Barrel Apple

Commercial Division
300 Entries, 240 Medals Awarded
Best of Show (Cider & Perry): Wandering Aengus of Oregon for Bloom Cider
Honorable Mention (Cider & Perry): Finnriver Farm & Cidery of Washington for Fire Barrel
Best of Show (Intensified & Spirits):
Eden Ice Cider of Vermont for Windfall Orchard 2011

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