Cider News – May 20, 2016


Here’s a recap of the best cider news worth sharing:

8 Things You Need to Know Before Buying Cider

Credit: Ashley Mason / Dirt

1) Ashley Mason asks John McCarroll for 8 Things You Need to Know Before Buying Cider. The article—which appears in the online culinary magazine Dirt—suggests opting for wine-like packaging, and focusing on the words used to describe the cider on the label rather than on the label’s design.

2) Cidercraft editor Erin James indulges in The Guilty Pleasures of Cider and Junk Food.

3) “I don’t know how someone can purchase apples from afar and call it ‘their cider.’ The location of the apple source should never be hidden. It’s reprehensible to do so.” The latest rant from Andy Brennan of Aaron Burr Cider is Again, Wine or Beer?

4) The cider results for Dan Berger’s International Wine Competition—held May 10-11 in Santa Rosa, California—have been posted. Producers who earned Chairman’s Award (Double Gold) status for their entries are Eden Specialty Ciders, Uncle John’s Cider Mill, Common Cider Company, Foxcraft Hard Cider, Stevens Point Brewery (Ciderboys), Alpenfire Cider, Eve’s Cidery, Reverend Nat’s Hard Cider, and Ela Cider Co.

5) Cider Chat interviews Sam Reid of Willie Smith’s in the Huon Valley of Tasmania. Willie Smith’s Organic Cider (18 Varieties) was awarded Best in Show at the 2015 Australian Cider Awards.

6) “I intend to develop a centre of excellence for cider apple production in Somerset with a view to increasing knowledge and new techniques.” Neil Macdonald shares his vision for English orchards in Cider apple growers told how to get better returns. (To hear more from Macdonald, listen to Episode 19 of Cider Chat.)

7) Cider aficionado Bill Bradshaw connects the dots between a 250-year-old limestone column in Somerset and cidermaking in Colonial America in The Cider Monument.

8) Springtime in the West Country is the traditional season for cider competitions. The latest results are for Farmhouse Cider at the Devon County Show.

9) On tap: The 43rd Annual Cambridge Beer Festival in England (with plenty of cider and perry on offer), Batlow CiderFest in New South Wales, and the inaugural Colorado Cider Week.

10) Along Came a Cider reviews Woodchuck’s Day Chaser. The Cider Journal reviews William Tell Strawberry, William Tell Cherry, and William Tell Apple Mango Muscat from Cider Brothers. And Cider Steve reviews Broome Farm Blossom and Worley’s Harvest Moon and Old Jollop Vintage.

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Cider News – May 13, 2016


Here’s a recap of the best cider news worth sharing:

Golden Lion Colombian Cider

1) Robert Cardwell of Love Thy Cider visits Golden Lion Colombian Cider in Bogotá. Golden Lion will be Colombia’s first cider producer after months of struggles with regulatory agencies.

2) The Cider Museum Hereford announces results from its International Cider and Perry Competition 2016Thatchers Cider is named Overall Champion for its Katy single-variety cider. Prize winners from outside the UK are Finnriver Farm & Cidery and Snowdrift Cider Co. from Washington and The Cider Mill from County Meath, Ireland.

3) Straw Man – The Last Press of The Season is an excellent 7-minute video featuring Hugh Tripp of Pennard Organic Wines and Cider in Somerset.

4) Cider Chat interviews Nat West of Reverend Nat’s Hard Cider in Portland, Oregon.

5) Good Beer Hunting interviews Jim Koch of Boston Beer Company. Skip ahead to 58:05 for conversation about Angry Orchard and the retired Hardcore Cider brand. Koch’s book Quench Your Own Thirst: Business Lessons Learned Over a Beer or Two was released last month.

6) Ron Sansone writes for Cider Culture on Drinking Cider in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

7) In Spring Break Cider Road Trip: Part 1Cider Soms visit Michigan cidermakers McIntosh Orchards, Virtue Cider, Crane’s Pie Pantry Restaurant & Winery, and Farmhaus Cider Co.

8) The first Colorado Cider Week will run from May 23 to May 28 according to The Denver Post. The Pressed Conference—a cider festival featuring cidermakers in the Rocky Mountains and beyond—will wrap up the festivities on Saturday May 28th.

9) Ellen Cavalli and Scott Heath of Tilted Shed Ciderworks in Sonoma County are the guests for Wassail’s Cidermaker Dinner Series on Wednesday May 18th.

10) Along Came a Cider reviews Julian Hard Cider’s Apple PieCider Says reviews 10 Barrel Bubbly Hard Apple CiderEZ Orchards Poire, and Võhu Vein Scandinavian Apple Cider. The Cider Journal reviews 2 Towns The Dark CurrantMayador Sidra Natural (2014) and Mayador Sidra Espumante (2014), and Apple Outlaw Original Hard Cider and Apple Outlaw Rabid Dry Cider. The Milled Apple reviews Citizen Cider The Full Nelson and Strongbow Honey. And Cider Steve reviews Turners Medium Cider and Rich’s Cider Lambrook Pippin (2013).

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Cider News – May 6, 2016


Here’s a recap of the best cider news worth sharing:

Andy Hallet of Hallets Real Cider

Andy Hallet of Hallets Real Cider in South Wales.

1) Hallets Real Cider in South Wales was named Best Drinks Producer in the BBC Food and Farming Awards. Fiona Beckett reveals the judges’ thought process for The Guardian in Drink: three cheers for the UK’s best cider, beer and fruit wine.

2) Brian Rutzen of Chicago’s The Northman Busts Myths About Misunderstood Beverage. Also at DNAinfo Chicago: Cider’s Over-The-Head Long Pour Is A Drinking Game Waiting To Happen.

3) English rock bands Motörhead and Status Quo release their own signature ciders. Learn more about Motörhead’s Snaggletooth and Status Quo’s Down Down and the companies that make the ciders.

4) Hugh McKellar at Real Cider Reviews compares bottles of The Hills Cider Company’s Apple from 2009 and 2015 in How Does Aging Cider Effect The Taste.

5) Cider Chat interviews Tom Oliver of the award-winning Oliver’s Cider and Perry in Herefordshire, England.

6) In Getting to the Core of GLINTCAP, Ron Sansone writes for Cider Culture on his experience at the recent Great Lakes International Cider and Perry Competition. (Dayna Bateman of shared some great photos from the Sunday judging in Scenes from GLINTCAP: Best of Show.)

7) Also from learn more about America’s founding fathers in John Adams in defense of cider and Ten minutes with Steve Wood of Farnum Hill.

8) If you’re in New York City, check out the new food menu at Wassail and join their Home Cidermaker Monthly Meet-up on Tuesday, May 10th. Later that week, Astor Center hosts Drink Your Apples: Cider, Cocktails and Beyond on Thursday, May 12th.

9) On tap this weekend: the inaugural Central Coast Cider Festival in Atascadero, California.

10) Along Came a Cider reviews Cider Riot’s Everybody Pogo Hoppy Cider. Cider Says visits Locust Cider and Elemental Hard Cider and reviews Liberty Ciderworks New World Style, Wyder’s Reposado, and Thistly Cross Traditional. The Milled Apple reviews Bantam’s The AmericainCider Steve reviews Rich’s Cider Golden Harvest. And Cider Sense tries a Snails Bank Appley Dapply at the Euston Cider Tap in London.

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Cider News – April 29, 2016


Here’s a recap of the best cider news worth sharing:

Nicole Leibon and Julian Temperley at GLINTCAP

Nicole Leibon and Julian Temperley judging Best in Class at GLINTCAP. Credit: Dayna Bateman

1) Over 1,000 entries were judged at last weekend’s Great Lakes International Cider and Perry Competition (GLINTCAP) in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Full results have been posted for the Noncommercial Division (219 entries) and the Commercial Division (784 entries). The competition received entries from the United States, Canada, England, France, Spain, Ireland, and the Czech Republic.

2) My Experience at GLINTCAP 2016: The World’s Largest Cider Competition! by Meredith Collins of Along Came a Cider is a first-hand account of the judging and related events.

3) FlavorActiV—which provides tools and training for professional sensory taste panels—has released Series One of its Cider Sensory Kit. (I have no relationship with FlavorActiV and have not used this product, but it looks worthy of further investigation.)

4) NPR’s The Salt interviews orchardist Eliza Greenman in Beneath An Ugly Outside, Marred Fruit May Pack More Nutrition. What impact might this have on cider? Check out Part One and Part Two of Greenman’s A Radical Orchardist? series for clues.

5) Cider Chat interviews John Bunker, who teaches that identifying an apple tree doesn’t begin with the apple, it always goes back to the root of the tree.

6) “Why is it that so many writers insist on imagining a past where water was suspect, dangerous, avoided by most drinkers?” Food historian Jim Chevallier busts the cider-was-safer-than-water myth in The later water myths: early America. (If this piques your curiosity, read Chevallier’s The great Medieval water myth and Beyond wine, water and beer: what else they drank in Medieval France.)

7) “The cider industry in the 1990s was nothing like it is today. In the early days…oftentimes you had to convince proprietors that there was a need for a cider on the menu.” At Cider Culture, Christine Tarlecki sits down for A Conversation with Original Sin’s Gidon Coll on the Evolution of Hard Cider (& More!).

8) Schilling Cider is set to release a cold-brew coffee cider in a nitro can package. Learn more about Schilling’s Grumpy Bear—produced in collaboration with the nonprofit organization Street Bean Coffee—in this short video.

9) On tap this weekend: the Internationaal Cider Festival in Rotterdam, the The Big Apple—Blossomtime festival in Herefordshire, and the Reading Beer and Cider Festival in Reading.

10) Cider Says reviews Manoir De Montreuil Cambremer Cidre Pays d’AugeAspall Imperial English Cider (Blue Label)Cider Brothers William Tell Dry Hard Apple Cider with Wild Cherry, and Stem Ciders Le CheneThe Cider Journal reviews Private Reserve Cherry Barrel Aged CiderCampfire Pancakes Smoked Maple Hard Cider, and Day Chaser Semi Dry Cider from Woodchuck, Henry Hotspur’s Hard Pressed Spiced Cider from Trader Joe’s, and Topwork Dry Cider2014 Spinosa Sloe Cider, and 2014 Graviva Blackberry from Tilted Shed. The Milled Apple reviews Citizen Cider bRosé. And Cider Steve reviews Newton Court Golden Blush and Yarlington Mill SVs from Gwatkin and Ty Gwyn.

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Cider News – April 22, 2016


Here’s a recap of the best cider news worth sharing:

Buckwheat Crepes and Breton Cider

Credit: Karsten Moran for The New York Times

1) Not sure what food to serve with Breton cider? Start with this Buckwheat Crepes With Asparagus, Ham and Gruyère Recipe from the New York Times. Then try these recipes from the Terre de Cidre blog of the Association Cidricole Bretonne.

2) Christopher Hughes writes for Boston Magazine on The Best Hard Ciders in New England.

3) Vander Mill celebrates the opening of its new taproom, restaurant, and production facility in Grand Rapids. Learn more about Vander Mill—one of the country’s largest craft cider producers—in the Life’s Simple Pleasures promotional video. And read more on their grand opening from MiBiz and MLive.

4) The 11th Annual Great Lakes International Cider and Perry Competition will be held this weekend in Grand Rapids. Over 1,000 entries have been registered for this year’s judging. Best of Show results will be announced on Sunday afternoon; full results will be posted online on Friday, April 29th.

5) Cider Chat interviews Aaron Anderson of Austin Eastciders. The company was founded in 2011 by Ed Gibson, former owner of The Apple cider pub in Bristol, England.

6) Wines In Niagara shares its Ontario In-Cider Report with reviews of ciders from Twin Pines Orchard & Cider House, Sulker’s Cider, and West Avenue Cider.

7) A mutant hop that works incredibly well for hopped cider? Read more about The Mystery of “Hop X” from Ontario’s Clear Valley Hops.

8) The 3rd Annual Hopped Cider Fest at Reverend Nat’s in Portland features 30+ hopped ciders from across the Pacific Northwest. In addition to the many exclusive festival-only ciders, Reverend Nat’s flagship Hallelujah Hopricot—one of the few American ciders to be featured in World’s Best Ciders—will also be poured.

9) Also this weekend: the 3rd Annual Cider Summit San Francisco and the Tag des Mostes in Austria’s Mostviertel region.

10) Along Came a Cider reviews Cornish Orchards Vintage 2013Cider Says shares tasting notes from a flight at Schilling Cider House, attends an Apple Outlaw cider tasting,
and reviews Snow Capped Cider 6130′ DryWilliam Tell Dry Hard Apple Cider and William Tell Dry Hard Apple Cider with Pinot Grigio from Cider Brothers, and Alpenfire Glow. The Milled Apple reviews Downeast Cider House Summer Blend and Rekorderlig Spiced Hard CiderCider Steve reviews Ciderniks Combe Raider and Worcestershire Wobble Juice Dry Farmhouse Cider. And CiderSail reviews Oliver’s Classic Perry.

Have a great weekend! Maybe I’ll see you in Grand Rapids?